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Snakeskin Movie Lounge

Snakeskin Movie Lounge is a fiercely independent consortium of film reviewers and musicians.


Jan 29, 2019

We are breaking with tradition in the Lounge this week and reviewing not one, not two but three comic book movies. Moid has always been a Batman fan, Chris just copies what Moid does, Russ has multiple Batman tattoos and Dave has never seen the Dark Knight Trilogy. What a bunch of A-Holes.



DEEP SOUTH: O Brother Where Art Thou, My Cousin Vinny, The Big Easy

Jan 8, 2019

The Snakeskin Movie Lounge return to the USA for a closer look at the Deep South.But more importantly, the lads compare body hair and swap stories of waxing, shaving and bleaching.They also find time to review My Cousin Vinny, O Brother Where Art Thou and The Big Easy.

  • 10:15 SIGHTSEERS
  • 14:55 CRAZY RICH...